ARRA was waived for multifamily housing by OMB, so do not do any more reporting for ARRA.

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COVID Cost Reimbursement for Owners HUD recently unveiled a new short-term program to assist owners of Project Based Section 8 projects with expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program, COVID-19 Supplemental Payments (CSP) will allow owners to submit a one-time claim to HUD, as explained in Housing Notice H 2020-8 which can be located at the following We urge that all owners and agents that are interested in submitting claims fully review the notice before attempting to submit a claim, which must be filed using form HUD-52671-E If your property is under the jurisdiction of a PBCA, file the 52671-E per their instructions, otherwise email to your HUD Account Executive, no later than Aug. 5


Computer-generated 50059s from customer data entry forms or handwritten 50059s
  Subsidy Billings (52670) generated each month
  Tenant First Notice letters for annual recerts
  Electronic transmission of all required data to the HUD TRACS system (or HFA/PHA Contract Authorities)
  Section 8 Special Claims Processing
  Compliance Web application at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
The Owner/Agent TRACS Service of the Future!

Besides accepting HUD-50059 tenant certification data from our customers via fax and "snail-mail" like other services, ShofCorp customers can enter and print 50059's on their own PC from our website at no additional charge. (See demo link below) This provides immediate document creation 24 X 7 that no other service can match. ShofCorp then downloads all data entered by customers to its central computers, where we run the monthly HAP vouchers and also process TRACS data transmissions to HUD (or your Contract Authority). Site staff entering 50059's via our website also have access to a web page that provides immediate information on which tenants are still due for the upcoming voucher, or which tenants may be past due at their project(s).

Current Customers Click Here to sign up for "59s Via Web" ,
others please contact us at 800-824-1657.

Why a Service Bureau?

Since ShofCorp handles the voucher processing and TRACS transmissions, training requirements to generate 50059s are greatly reduced. In fact, training usually consists of "walking" site staff through entering and printing one or two 50059s on the website or completing our simple tenant income/asset data form. This eliminates expensive training charges usually required with many PC compliance packages, charges which are usually added to the annual license fees. Please note, however, ShofCorp is not a substitute for site staff having an underlying knowledge of the 4350.3 and general HUD occupancy requirements.

ShofCorp Special Claims Data Form Click to download.

ShofCorp Transaction List Click to download.

Word 2003 Reader

Owner-Agent TRACS Services
TRACS File Pass-thru(sm) Send TRACS files to your CA through us! Let our experienced staff handle TRACS problems kicked back by your CA!
25% off our full-service rates!

ShofCorp Does TIC (Tax Credit) Documents


Why a Service Bureau?
Unit Count (per Project) Per Month Charge
Above 100 Units $1.02 per unit/month
65 to 100 Units $102.30 per month flat
35 to 64 Units $1.59 per unit/month
15 to 34 Units $59.40 per month flat
6 to 14 Units $42.90 per month flat
5 and under $30.80 per month flat

Note: There is a one-time Load-on Charge of $2.00 per unit to key in all paper 50059s. This charge will not apply if a "Baseline" TRACS data file can be provided to us.

There is a 10% discount for more than one property.

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